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September 2010




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Sep. 27th, 2010


Belated Word of the Week, and updates.

Word of the Week: Catholicon
noun. Middle English, from Medieval Latin, from Greek katholikon, neuter of katholikos
Definition: A cure-all; a panacea.

Okay. So, my entire school week is pretty much booked with clubs to go to. :)

Mondays are for robotics (mechanical). Today I started to disassemble last year's robot, and I probably could've sat there for hours disconnecting everything, with no break, no snacks, no nothing. Nothing but the robot and some tools. I'm that OCD. Also, I'm apparently going to be a rule enforcer? Heh. And apparently that goes along with my obsessive-compulsive ways.
Tuesdays will eventually hold anime club meetings. And I'm the secretary... not that I ever have to do anything! XD
Wednesdays are for Science Olympiad. I love me some science!! ;D
Thursdays are anime club, except for the fact that it's also robotics! So that kind of overrules the anime, in my opinion. Anyway, Thursday robotics would be the programming portion of it. I know very little about programming, but that's why I'm there -- so that I can learn!
And then, on Fridays, we have the GEEK club, which is basically just a video game club.

I've got some updates on classes, too.

In Human Geography, we've got our region presentations to present. My partner and I have Central Asia... I really wanted East Asia! :c But hey. At least it's done.
SciVis is still pretty awesome. I've gotten really far on the torso. In fact, I've just finihed adjusting the breasts and adding in a belly button! But the next step... is confusing. The next step is the arms, and when I extrude them out like it says, they end up looking like giant Popsicle sticks. :/ It'll take a while. And the year is already an eighth of the way over! D:
Sociology is usual, I guess. I mean, it's just a bunch of terms and ideas. It's interesting though. :)
Then there's lunch. And I'm actually gonna be buying the crazy school lunches now. :|
English is next. Okay, so I get a fifty on a quiz, and 100 on all the other dozen or so assignments, but just ONE ZERO on an essay brings my grade down to a FIFTY-TWO. GRRRRRR.
BEST CLASS IS PHYSICS~! <3 The only bad part is my seat, which is far to the back. BECAUSE THE SLACKERS ARE THERE WITH ME. I need to ask for a seat change... Anyway, we're working with kinematics right now. Most of this stuff has been a review for me, because of the lovely Physical Science class from last year. :] Just more in depth than that.
And then there's the statistic-based math. It's fairly easy so far, but you know.. ;P At least it's the last thing I go through, haha.

I'm trying to whiten my teeth.
I've tried whitening strips before, but they just slipped right off, especially the lower ones.
So now I'm doing trays. Damn pieces of Styrofoam.
The first day of use, yesterday, didn't go so badly. It was the wait itself I hated. Thirty minutes. Not fun, but better than thirty minutes of strips.
But today, I produced so much saliva that I had about two and a half mouthfuls worth of it on the tissues before I even got the damn trays out. :/
But hey, anything for getting whiter, brighter teeth.

Sep. 17th, 2010


Word of the Week: Conspicuous

Word of the Week: Conspicuous
adjective. From Latin conspicuus, from conspicere to get sight of, from com- + specere to look
Definition: Obvious to the eye or mind; attracting attention; striking; marked by noticeable violation of good taste.

Almost forgot to post this part.

How awful for a Friday... Yeah, I forgot my Prozac again.

Man oh man. Today was such a blur, and yet it was also extremely slow-going. Last night, I opened this meditational zen garden thing that I'd had for about a year or two. It was cute; it had mini windchimes, a mallet, white sand, a dish for the sand, and an incense burner with twelve small and thick sticks for it.
The incense smelled amazing. I may have even had a mild high from that smell... Probably not, but it felt awesome.
So I set up the scene and lit one of the sticks.
I sat on my bed and just thought about random stuff, and suddenly I was losing my train of thought every five seconds. I guess I should tell you that I wasn't at all tired when I lit it, but in about six or seven minutes, I was knocked out. It was like a slow-acting chloroform rag.

But see, then I woke up at 5:30. I sort of kept on going in and out of the dream world, too... But then I finally sat up and tried to get myself reoriented again.
Through virtually every class, although I took down every bit of notes that was shown, I felt like I wasn't really there. And y'know, the people in fifth period, the ones at my table, annoyed the living SHIT outta me... I wanted to yell at them to "Shut the fuck up, already!", but A, the teacher was talking (which is why I wanted them to shut up!! Damn it, I was trying to listen to him!), and B, I'd have had to do ten pushups for saying the f-word.
And the chick beside me kept complaining about not being able to see the notes. I told her she could MOVE UP if she couldn't see them, common fucking sense, no!?


I really need to stop forgetting the Prozac.

Sep. 11th, 2010


Nine Years Ago Today...

One of the most tear-filled moments in this country's history, simply referred to by its date, happened nearly a decade ago today.
It's difficult to believe that it's really been that long... I was eight when it happened. I remember my parents turning on the news, and honestly, I don't think I understood how tragic it was at the time.
Of course I knew that planes were crashing into the Twin Towers; I just didn't understand the deeper half of it. I remember asking Mom what was happening, and she told me that some people had taken over a few airplanes and were crashing them into important buildings; still I didn't quite understand why someone would do that.
A week passed, and I was in the car with my mom. I asked her, "Mom, are they ever gonna stop talking about this?"
She replied with, "Oh, honey, this is going down in the history textbooks..."
When I look at the photos today, I cry. There's no stopping my tears from flowing out. Last year, in a U.S. history class, I actually did see a small section in the textbook about September 11, 2001.
I had to stop myself before I bawled in class.

Every one of those tears goes out to those who lost loved ones on that day, and every second I spend in silence is dedicated to those who lost their lives on that day.

Yet no one seems to remember the other planes -- the one that hit the Pentagon, and especially the one that ended up crashing into the field.
It's rumored to have been aimed for the White House. A few of the passengers, however, had figured out what was going on, and they tried to regain control of the plane.
It didn't hit its target, but it still crashed int a field, causing all passengers to die.
Those people are true heroes.

I give every bit of my love to you all. May all who lost their lives nine years ago today be thriving in Heaven. ♥

Sep. 10th, 2010


Word of the Week: Zythum

Word of the Week: Zythum
noun. From Latin zythum, from Ancient Greekζῦθος (zuthos).
Definition: Egyptian malt beer, which is noted for being unfermented.


Sep. 4th, 2010


Labor Day!

Word of the Week: Astronomical / Astronomic
adjective. Astronomy origin: Middle English astronomie, from Anglo-French, from Latin astronomia, from Greek, from astr- + -nomia -nomy
Definition: Of or relating to astronomy; enormously or inconceivably large or great.
Astronomically, adv.

Happy Labor Day weekend, people! I myself will be at the park down the street on the sixth at four in the afternoon, celebrating a girl's third birthday! Should be fun. :)
Because you're never too old for the moonbounce!
I really don't know what to get for her, though. Possibly a stuffed animal of some sort.. Though I think I did that last year. I'll get her a puppy!
Oh well. I'll have to ask one of her parents, next time they're at the park.

School's going really well for me so far. I'm out of that kindergarten thing and in to AP Human Geography. I mean, sure, it's an AP class; however, it will actually pose a challenge for me, which I enjoy from time to time. My first day in there, which was yesterday, we jumped right into a project on world regions. My partner and I wound up with Central Asia.

Aside from doing a presentation on our region, we'll also have to individually do a project on a country in our group's region, and present those as well. I really hope to be over my glossophobic ways by the end of this year, but in all the years I've had to present things to the class, it's only eased up slightly. I remember almost fainting in seventh grade social studies, because I couldn't remember my words, and I ended up running to my seat and hanging my head under the desk (under my heart, for blood to flow faster into the brain). I guess I yelled out, "I can't remember!" and that's when I ran back. Yick.

Also, in seventh grade science, we did presentations on body organs... We had to write a report on why you would not want to get rid of a certain organ. I picked the brain... But I stopped mid-paper, where I'd written why not to get rid of a single region of the brain either, because I suddenly thought to myself that it wasn't what was supposed to be written. So that was a small stumble as well.

Eighth grade wasn't as bad, but it was still terrifying to speak to the class. Book talks were presentations in themselves, and I hated that. I'm so glad that high school doesn't make us do that! Instead we just explain the books to the teacher.

Ninth grade... All I can remember from then was French-related presentations. YUCK.

Tenth grade... It was better, I guess... But again with the French! In world history, I had a presentation or two, and I actually felt moderately comfortable there. Looking back on it, it must have been because I was sitting behind a computer while I was talking. (It was a PowerPoint presentation, and the computer was connected to the overhead projector.)

In environmental science of that year, there were a few PowerPoint projects also, but in there, the TV was connected to the computer, so I had to stand up next to the TV and present. Oh god, the butterflies I got...

There was also an English project on random countries (world literature class). I had a partner, so it wasn't as bad, but it was still a tad embarrassing.

I honestly can't think of any from last year, but this year, twelfth grade, I sense a bunch more presentations for human geography. Gaia, give me strength!

My favorite class this year is physics. :D
I LOVE the teacher! (Just like how I loved my science teacher last year~!)
They all call him Captain Physics. Even the guys downtown.
And I think he even has a cape!
Anyway, his teaching style is awesome, and he's hilarious. :D

In SciVis, I'm working on making various scenes that focus in on certain elements. Lighting, material, organic object, inorganic object, and two others that I'd have to go back into my notes for. I still want to make a girl and a DDR mat in that class.

My sister is off in China now... I'm gonna miss her! But hey, at least she'll be back near Yuletide! ^o^
I'd love to study abroad like her, except I'm thinking I'd rather choose Japan. (Mostly because I'm already learning the language on my own.)

Ciao for now!

Aug. 27th, 2010



Word of the Week: Failure
noun. alteration of earlier failer, from Anglo-French, from Old French faillir to fail
Definition: lack of success; one who has failed.

And that failure is ME!
Okay, so from now on, I'll try to post these entries at least once every Friday.
And here's THIS year's schedule, since I haven't talked ALL SUMMER.

So I wanted an Astronomy class, but I was one of six people, count them, SIX PEOPLE, to sign up.
So they tried to tick me into Art III. Aw, HELL naw! I'm not going to be decorating my damn sketchbook and writing critiques on my own art the day I finish a project. No, not another year of that crap.
So I switched into Honors Physics, and guess what -- My high school experience just got awesome. :D

1st Period: Fundamentals of Technology
2nd Period: SciVis III
3rd Period: Sociology
4th Period: Honors English 12
5th Period: Honors Physics
6th Period: Honors Discrete Math

Oh boy, here come the comments!

1: KINDERGARTEN. Need I say more?
Well, yes. Yes I do.
There are two or three actually-slow kids in this class, and you know what we're making right now? Safety posters.
Can I get a W, a T, and an F? Oi..
At least I can be the HTML star at the end. (My friend had the class last year and told me about the whole HTML deal... But he failed to mention the fact that it's kindergarten-esque...!)

2: Ah, SciVis III. The "big finale" class. Basically, we have to make a short 3D animation, and we have all year to do it.

3: Sociology actually turns into psychology after the first semester. It seems interesting so far..

4: My teacher for English is the same teacher from the writing class I took two years ago. He's awesome. :D

5: And speaking of awesome, I have almighty Captain Physics in fifth period! Either that class is too awesome for me to describe in words, or I'm so tired my vocabulary has halved. :3

6: Math.. Well, I've heard good things about this teacher... So that should make things a little easier than my previous math classes...

I predict Physics to be my highest A.
Er, my highest A that I actually work for. lol, fundamentals of technology...

Jan. 30th, 2010


All right, dammit. I'm back.

Word of the Week: Lolita
noun. from Lolita, character in the novel Lolita (1955) by Vladimir Nabokov
Definition: a preciously seductive girl.


So, I've recently started messing around with Wicca. About a week ago, actually.
Well, it's been longer ago than that, but that's when I got more serious about it. I bought a book that will walk you through 366 days of training in the craft of the wise.
It starts off pretty slowly, but it seems to get better later. :]
Oh yeah, and my animal guardian is apparently a squirrel. Awesome. :3

And IT SNOWED TODAY. :D We got like.. six inches of it? Possibly that, maybe even a tad more.
We never get that much.

I opened up my website.. I haven't updated it lately though. I should get on that, I suppose.

Sep. 19th, 2009


Infatuation. :

So yesterday, my English class was in the media center, and there was a fire drill while we were there. Also, it was raining outside, and my umbrella was back in the classroom. D:
But anyway, there's this adorable Asian guy, and I think his name is Tai, according to another friend. So I was standing in the rain, talking to someone, when suddenly, Tai walked past us, and I stopped in mid-sentence, gazing at him. My friend was like, "Wow."
But see, I'm always gazing at this guy -- in the hallways, in the cafeteria, outside during lunch... He's so freaking adorable.
Now, last night, guess who I dreamed about?

I'll give you a minute.

Got it?
Thought so.

Yup, I dreamed about Tai. I dreamed that I finally walked up to him and said hi. (Lol, "Hi, Tai!" Rhymes are awesome.)
And so, in this dream, I went out with him.
I was in such a peaceful state of mind, that I actually said to myself, in the dream, "God, I hope this isn't a dream."
I'm 100% serious. ;
But then, at around 3:30, I woke up.. And I said "Damn it!" under my breath, and I snapped my fingers.
That had been one of those dreams that actually feel real. I was sad when I woke up. :<

And now I don't know how I can take care of this kind of obsession. D:

Sep. 12th, 2009


Word of the Week: Tainted

Word of the Week: Tainted
adjective. Middle English teynten to color & taynten to attaint; Middle English teynten, from Anglo-French teinter, from teint, past participle of teindre, from Latin tingere; Middle English taynten, short for attaynten
Definition: morally contaminated; corrupted; spoiled, affected with putrefaction; touched or affected slightly with something bad.


Grimsley late lunch is awesome, man. Yesterday, my friends and I were all over each other, mounting each other from the back and the front, and in general, having random dry orgies. It was hilarious. x3
Also, I don't know what to think of this guy I like. All I know is that he likes me back, but he also likes someone else (who also likes him).

I played some Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal yesterday, too. But then I died, because I couldn't figure out how to heal. :c

I had the strangest dream last night.. I had to take my kid friends to school with me. O.O; I somehow morphed them into numbers made of brass, so I could carry them in my pocket. o.O; Then the bus came up, and people got on, but I was late. I jumped up onto a window and held on for dear life as the bus sped on. The guy I like was sitting there, too. xD He doesn't even ride that bus!
But anyway, when I got off, Grimsley wasn't Grimsley. I was like, "What's this? This isn't the school!"
Then someone else said to me that it was, in fact, the school. Then I saw a sign that said "Pre-Grimsley". What!? o.o;
There were only four classrooms, despite the still-ginormous campus.
It really was odd. If only someone could invent a dream-recorder that recorded people's dreams as they slept.... <3

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